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Retrospekt - trailer

Retrospekt - trailer

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Mette (40) is in the final phase of her rehabilitation, when one day Miller (32) pays a visit, trying to get Mette to testify against 'Frank', Miller’s boyfriend who apparently put Mette in a wheelchair. Mette can’t seem to remember anything. Then, left alone and in a haze of pain, medication, and increasing anxiety, Mette has time to reminisce. Sitting at home on maternity leave, Mette is struck by the increasing absence of satisfaction that she once felt from her organized life. Both her family and job as a Domestic Violence councilor no longer provide her with a sense of purpose. When her husband Simon is away on a business trip, Mette learns that a former client of hers (Miller) is in trouble. On a whim and hoping to resolve her own emptiness, Mette ceases the opportunity to do something 'meaningful' and invites Miller into her home, fully aware of the potential consequences. Retrospect is life’s sense of humor or proof we are all living a fairy tale; it is easy to make sense of ‘it’ all in hindsight, but the chaos of everyday life blurs one’s vision at the time the decisions are made.


Director, writer & editor  Esther Rots

Sound  Dan Geesin

DOP  Lennert Hillege

produced by 

Rots Filmwerk - Hugo Rots & Esther Rots (The Netherlands)

Column Film - Gijs van de Westelaken and Chantal van der Horst (The Netherlands)

coproducer  Serendipity Films - Ellen De Waele (Belgium)


Circé Lethem

Lien Wildemeersch

Martijn van der Veen


Toronto International Film Festival 2018 World premiere

Berlinale - Forum 2019

Film Festival Oostende 2019  Belgian premiere


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